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Weekly observations: Jaguars need to be short-sighted in 2016

The Jaguars need to be a little short-sighted in the coming months and more weekly observations.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another round of Jacksonville Jaguars observations! Let's get to it.

1. Team needs to be short sighted

I have been getting a lot of questions about picking guys like Jaylon Smith or a corner in the second round (like Mackenzie Alexander) and I think it's a good opportunity to make something clear: The team cannot be drafting with the future in mind. They have to be thinking about the 2016 season first and foremost.

Most NFL coaches do not get long leashes that enable them to think of the future anyways, but in 2016 Gus Bradley has zero leashes. They have to win this year. The years to take chances on players who will not make impacts in the upcoming season was in the last three drafts, and they have taken advantage of that. But they can't do that this year. Their jobs are on the line.

2. The best cornerbacks in Rounds 3-7

Since I am completely against drafting a corner with a top-50 pick, but still acknowledge that drafting a corner is something that should be done, here is a list of some corners outside of the first two rounds that make sense:

  • Miami cornerback Artie Burns
  • Maryland cornerback Sean Davis
  • Oklahoma cornerback Zach Sanchez
  • West Virginia cornerback Daryl Worley

3. The first two picks need to have maximum impact this year

If the Jaguars are truly going to maximize the short-term impact of their draft class, then here are some ideal scenarios:

Round 1: Myles Jack

Round 2: Shilique Calhoun


Round 1: Shaq Lawson

Round 2: Christian Westerman

There will always be a lot of changes on Draft Day... for example, players you don't think will fall, will fall. Look at A.J. Cann, for example. But if the Jaguars are truly going to have their two highest picks make a huge impact in 2016, they should pick some combo of defensive end, linebacker, or offensive lineman.

4. The NFL needs to do something about concussions right now

The NFL took a big step in the right direction when they finally acknowledged the link between the sport and CTE. But articles like this from Sports Illustrated's Doug Farrar show just how far the NFL is truly doing the right thing.

One player that the article goes in detail with is former Jaguars offensive guard Will Rackley. It is truly disheartening to hear about what he is going through and how the NFL is simply telling him they won't help him.

5. Weekly follow suggestion

If you want somebody who you can body on twitter just as much as you can get good takes from, I suggest nobody other than my friend Kyle Posey (@KP_Show) from Bolts From the Blue, the SB Nation site for the San Diego Chargers.