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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Stefen Wisniewski visits Steelers

Jaguars free agent lineman Stefen Wisniewski visited the Steelers and is hopeful he'll sign with them soon.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Former Jacksonville Jaguars center Stefen Wisniewski visits Pittsburgh Steelers -
Cody Wallace played in place of Pouncey last season, but the Steelers appear to have an eye on other options should they need to replace Pouncey for any time in 2016. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that they recently had center Stefan Wisniewski in for a visit.

Jaguars need to be short-sighted in 2016 -
Most NFL coaches do not get long leashes that enable them to think of the future anyways, but in 2016 Gus Bradley has zero leashes. They have to win this year. The years to take chances on players who will not make impacts in the upcoming season was in the last three drafts, and they have taken advantage of that. But they can't do that this year. Their jobs are on the line.

Jaguars have some of the best skill position players in the league -
The Jacksonville Jaguars may have had one of the worst defenses in the NFL last season, but the one area the Jaguars exceed in is their skill position players. Quarterback, wide receiver and running back are all considered "skill positions" in the NFL because those players tend to be some of the most athletic and influential players on the field at any given time. And the Jaguars have some of the best ones in the league.