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Jaguars 2016 NFL schedule: Events at EverBank give home/away clues

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, the Jacksonville Jaguars along with the City of Jacksonville and some other parties announced that EverBank Field will play host to a 2018 World Cup qualifying match between the U.S. men's national team and Trinidad & Tobago. It's a huge get for the city of Jacksonville, as U.S. national team, both men's and women's, have drawn really well in town, but it can also give us an idea with some other events of how the Jaguars schedule could fall in regards to home games.

This match takes place Tuesday, September 6. That likely means that the Jaguars will open the 2016 NFL season on the road. It's a quick turn around time to re-do the field for an NFL game, and while do-able, it's more likely the team just opens the season on the road. The team has flip-flopped opening home/away the last decade and opened with the Carolina Panthers at home last season, so all the signs point to an away season opener.

We also know the Jaguars will play the Indianapolis Colts in London on October 2nd, which means they'll likely have a home game prior with the bye week the following week. The annual Florida-Georgia game that is played at EverBank Field is on October 29th, so the Jaguars game on the 30th will undoubtedly be on the road. You also have the game between Notre Dame and Navy, which takes place on Nov. 5, which means that Nov. 6th could be an away game as well.

While we don't know the schedule just yet, we can make some educated guesses on when away/home games will be.

So here's my guesses.

Week 1, Sept. 10: Away 
Week 3, Sept. 25: Home
Week 5, Oct. 9: Bye Week
Week 8, Oct. 30th: Away
Week 9, Nov. 6th: Away