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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Allen Hurns talks up Miami pro day

Allen Hurns returned to the University of Miami to support draft hopefuls, and more team news for your Thursday.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Hurns visits Miami pro day -
Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Hurns returned to the University of Miami for the program's pro day on Wednesday. A one-time pro day participant, Hurns knows what it's like to be in a prospect's shoes. As he peered through the downpour at the Hurricanes' outdoor practice facility, he noticed some promising talent on the field.

FILM ROOM: Chris Ivory's fit with the Jaguars -
Since breaking out as a rookie six years ago, Ivory's career has carried him through two teams, several roles, and many comparisons. A lot of fans like to link Ivory's hostile elegance to Marshawn Lynch, and the relationship isn't too far off. I like to consider Ivory as the running back that Trent Richardson should have been, sort of. Ivory is less coiled than Richardson, but enjoys more patience and backfield cutting ability. Ivory also has a knack at finding daylight.

Looking ahead and not forgetting the familiar -
The real offseason stuff is getting closer and closer. By "real offseason stuff" we mean on-field stuff, which stands in sharp contrast to the off-field stuff that has dominated Jaguars conversation in recent weeks. Here’s a thing to remember as that stuff approaches: for all of the exciting news around the Jaguars in recent weeks – a slew of free-agent signings, the ongoing weeks and weeks of draft talk, etc. – the familiar matters a whole lot, too.