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Ryan Davis gets second-round tender from Jaguars

The Jaguars have extended a second-round tender for restricted free agent Ryan Davis. What's that mean for the Jaguars, Davis, and this free agency period?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have extended a second-round tender on defensive lineman Ryan Davis, according to Ian Rapaport on NFL Network.

So, what exactly is a tender? In short, if a restricted free agent gets a tender he's still free to negotiate with other teams. If he signs an offer sheet with another team, the original team would have right of first refusal. If the free agent signs away from the original team, the new team must give up a draft selection corresponding to the round in which he was tendered.

What's the advantage to being tendered for the player? Well, Davis is guaranteed a one-year salary corresponding to the round he's been tendered. In 2015, a second-round tender was $2,356,000, according to His contract last year was worth $585,000.

In short, either Ryan re-signs a long-term deal, he plays a one-year contract for what is likely more than $2,356,000, or he signs with another team and the Jaguars get an extra second round pick. Good for him.