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Mario Williams will "sign right away" for $10 million per season

Former Bills pass rusher Mario Williams said he'll sign right away for any team offering him $10 million per season.

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Mario Williams' value has been set... by Mario Williams. The Jacksonville Jaguars now know that Williams will sign right away if he gets an offer of $10 million per season, according to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report.

And for what it's worth, I, too, will be signing right away if I receive an offer for $10 million per season.

Williams was released by the Bills early last week. He was reportedly willing to take a pay cut, but that the team would have to meet "at least halfway" for a contract to get done. I guess now that Williams is a free agent, all bets are off.

He most naturally plays the wide 9 position (which is essentially the LEO position in Gus Bradley's defensive scheme here in Jacksonville) and had a three-year stretch where he had 38 sacks in three seasons with the Bills before Rex Ryan became head coach.

Do you think Williams is worth $10 million per season? Should the Jaguars overspend by that much or use their money a little more wisely?