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ESPN Seattle thinks Bruce Irvin will sign with Jaguars

Seattle media is slowly starting to come to the realization that Bruce Irvin is coming to Jacksonville.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been one of the heavy favorites for months now to sign Seattle Seahawks free agent Bruce Irvin. But after following a bunch of Jaguars fans on Twitter and with the mountains of cap space available, even the most ardent Seattle media are starting to come around to Irvin leaving.

That's Gee Scott of 710ESPN in Seattle. This isn't a national media member who isn't around the team day in and day out. It certainly lends some credibility (and instill hope) to the rumor that Irvin is coming to Jacksonville.

Irvin should absolutely be someone the Jaguars are aggressive with in free agency this week and already someone rumored they will be. Irvin could slot right into the OTTO/SLB role on the Jaguars defense as an overall and pass rushing upgrade. Irvin can play the run, is good enough in coverage and can provide an option rushing the passer as a blitzer or with his hand on the ground in certain packages. It's expected he'll end up with either the Atlanta Falcons or the Jaguars, both of which are coached by his former defensive coordinators.