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2016 NFL Draft stock watch: Who's trending up and who's trending down?

Whose stock is up and whose is down after the 2016 NFL Combine?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2016 NFL Combine in the rear view mirror, a bunch of a prospects stocks have fluctuated wildly. From Combine performances, unearthed character issues, interviews, and more, the Combine is the breeding ground for sending draft stocks rocketing upwards or plummeting down. How did the combine affect this years group of prospects?

Stock Up

Josh Doctson

In a very underwhelming wide receiver group, Doctson shined at the Combine. Add in his good character marks, college production, and a play style that translates well and is valued highly by the NFL, and it is pretty clear that Doctson's stock is on the rise and is unlikely to be slowed down much.

He was pegged as a top-50 pick throughout the season but that seems a bit unreasonable now as it looks like he could realistically go in the top-15.

Travis Feeny

The combine is always an event where each year a few under looked prospects put themselves on the map, and Feeny appears to be one of this years biggest beneficiaries. He put in one of the best combine performances of the entire linebacker group and has the college production to back it.

At worst, Feeny, at least, put more analysts on the path to paying more attention to his tape. He might not be a high pick but it is unlikely that is not at the least a mid round pick who is allowed to contribute to special teams right away.

Jalen Ramsey

Ramsey was always expected to turn in a good workout. But expected to do something and actually doing something are very different things. Once Ramsey did the deed and put up some of the most insane athletic measurements you will see, he locked up his place as a top pick.

At this point, it is unlikely Ramsey could reach the fifth-overall pick. It makes sense for every team picking in front of Jacksonville (yes, even the Titans) to take Ramsey. Four teams passing on a player and athlete as rare as Ramsey would be extremely surprising.

Stock Down

Noah Spence

No players stock faltered more after the combine than Spence's. Spence was on track to be a legitimate top-10 prospect but after an underwhelming weigh in and workout and reports that Spence did not interview well, Spence's stock is on a downward slide.

Offensive Skill Players

If you are looking to add some explosion to your offense via this draft, you are out of luck. The wide receivers are the slowest they have been since 2006, no tight ends stand out, and the running back position falls off hard after Ezekiel Elliott and Derrick Henry.

Robert Nkemdiche

Nkemdiche had a really good workout, but every report is that he bombed his in-person interviews. With the knowledge we have on Nkemdiche, this isn't surprising. He is just a dude who is wired differently. Add in a very shaky media session and it is not unreasonable to think that Nkemdiche could suffer a Randy Gregory type fall. And Gregory was a much better prospect than Nkemdiche is.