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Jeff Darlington thinks Bruce Irvin signs with Jaguars

NFL Network's Jeff Darlington believes the Jaguars are the odds-on favorite to sign Bruce Irvin.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Network reporter Jeff Darlington believes that the Jacksonville Jaguars are the favorites to sign Seattle Seahawks free agent Bruce Irvin, according to a Tuesday afternoon interview with 1010XL radio in Jacksonville.

Irvin has been a player that Jaguars fans have talked about for a while as being a potential Jaguars signing once it seemed obvious Seattle would not be re-signing him. He could be the perfect fit for the Jaguars OTTO linebacker position and as a package pass rusher.

Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley is also very familiar with Irvin as a player within this defensive scheme and there has been some talk that Bradley is very high on trying to land Irvin in free agency.

The Atlanta Falcons are also rumored to be interested, which makes sense given Irvin is from Atlanta and Falcons head coach Dan Quinn has also coached Irvin. Irvin did see his best success as a pass rusher with Bradley at the defensive coordinator position, but has since moved to a more strong side linebacker role with the Seahawks.

But ultimately, it would make sense for him to fill the same position with the Jaguars.

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