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Jaguars set to sign Brad Nortman, up their punting game, per report

The long national nightmare is over and the Jacksonville Jaguars finally have a new punter.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have agreed to a deal with free agent punter Brad Nortman, according to a report by Rich Eisen of NFL Network. It's quite possible the most important signing of the free agent period for the Jaguars, because it now guarantees that Bryan Anger will not be back with the team and we can finally stop talking about a punter drafted in the third round.

Nortman was the sixth-round pick of the Carolina Panthers in the 2012 NFL draft, punting for Wisconsin in college, and has spent the past four seasons with the team. He set some franchise punting records in 2013 for gross punting yardage and that's about all I have I can say about Brad Nortman.

This means that the Jaguars will be moving on from bang average punter Bryan Anger, who as mentioned earlier has been a long running punch line for the Jaguars because former general manager Gene Smith rationalized drafting a punter in the third round because he was considered a "starter". Anger certainly wasn't an awful punter, but he wasn't a very good one either.

With punters, it usually means two things when you notice them: They're bad or it just got blocked. Hopefully we don't notice Brad Nortman.