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Olivier Vernon now Jaguars priority in free agency

With pass rushers coming off the market, the Jaguars are set to make Olivier Vernon a priority in free agency.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to make Olivier Vernon their primary target going forward in NFL free agency, a source tells Big Cat Country, but that's also painfully obvious if you're following how free agency has worked so far. The Oakland Raiders snapped up Bruce Irvin in a shock move on Tuesday evening, which led a lot of Jaguars fans into a bit of a set of panic because it seemed like Irvin was almost guaranteed to be landing with either the Jaguars or the Atlanta Falcons, but according to sources the Jaguars weren't pursuing Irvin that aggressively. There was interest between the two sides, but the Jaguars weren't as willing to open up the checkbook for the linebacker in the manner that the Raiders were.

With other players like Mario Williams, Jason Pierre-Paul, Charles Johnson and Tamba Hali flying off the board, the team is ready to set their focus on Vernon and they have the financial power to out muscle other teams, like the New York Giants, who are also reportedly interested in making a move.

The big question for the Jaguars with Vernon, is if the Miami Dolphins will end up rescinding the transition tag on the player. Vernon has not yet signed the tag, so the Dolphins can always pull the offer and make him an unrestricted free agent, which would also free up the cap room that's currently being held with the tag. Because Vernon got the tag and was not scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent, he couldn't be "legally tampered" with. If the tag is removed today, he can be.

However it ends up, the Jaguars are expected to aggressively attempt to sign Vernon when they're permitted to do so.