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Olivier Vernon signed by Giants

The Jaguars didn't sign Olivier Vernon after all.

Dan Mullan/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars did not sign former Miami Dolphins pass rusher Olivier Vernon. That distinction belongs to the New York Giants, who signed Vernon about an hour after free agency officially started on Wednesday at 4pm EST.

The biggest deal for a defensive end in league history? Okay then.

Vernon seemed to be the perfect fit for the Jaguars in free agency if they were able to land him. At just 25 years old, Vernon would seem to check all the boxes that you look for when planning to spend big money on a player. He's the right age, he's ascending and he's a fit on the Jaguars defense. With 25.5 sacks the past three seasons, Vernon seemed like he's primed to start becoming a more consistent pass rushing threat, which is something the Jaguars desperately need. But instead, he's taking his talents to New York.

The ghost of Tom Coughlin strikes again.