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Weekly observations: Jalen Ramsey should no longer be Jaguars top target

It's time for Hank's weekly observations. This week he talks Jalen Ramsey's draft stock, Myles Jack's workouts, D'Angelo Russell, and more.

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Another week, another round of Jacksonville Jaguars observations! Let's get to it.

1. Jalen Ramsey should no longer be the No. 1 target, but...

After the way the Jacksonville Jaguars handled free agency and with how the top of this draft could play out, it seems like the most logical and even most realistic pick would be UCLA linebacker Myles Jack. (In fact, the rest of the Big Cat Country team wants him too.)

I have some questions about Jack, but he really is a perfect fit from a needs point of view. He would bring the speed and coverage ability that the team has been missing at inside linebacker for years. And in Year 1 he could play a rotational and situational role, which would enable him to still make a sizable impact to the team while he develops behind Paul Posluszny in the veterans final season with the team.

So you don't have to sell me on Myles Jack vs. Jalen Ramsey for the Jaguars. Ramsey is one of my favorite prospects ever, but I am firmly in favor of Jack.

If there was a scenario where Ramsey was there and Jack wasn't though? I'd pick Ramsey, even with the logjam the team has at cornerback. Unlike Vernon Hargreaves, Ramsey offers so much more schematic versatility than just as an outside corner. He could slot in at strong safety and suddenly the team would have an extremely dynamic safety duo with him and Tashaun Gipson.

2. Myles Jack's 40 time and other workouts are meaningless and unnecessary

This week it was announced that Myles Jack might not do any timed workouts before the draft. Old people got upset over it. It was a hoot.

If you need Myles Jack to run a 40-yard dash or do the 3-cone drill to know that he is athletic then, well, I just don't know.

Now if Myles wasn't running because of issues with his knee after his injury in the fall, then we should be concerned. But at this point there is no reason to believe that is the case. Actually there is plenty of reason to think his knee is just fine.

3. What version of Sen'Derrick Marks should we hope for in 2016?

There was some discussion on Twitter this week about what the expectations for Sen'Derrick Marks should be in 2016. This is possibly the most interesting story line on the entire team this season, to me.

First of all, Marks 2015 season should be one that is erased from all memories. He was not anywhere close to 100% after his ACL injury. If he would've ever been in such shape at any point in 2015 is a question. With that said, nobody should "expect" the 2014 version of Marks, who was truly an elite 3-technique, to return either. His body has been beaten down too much.

But what if Marks produces like he did in 2013? Four sacks and close to 30 tackles, with maybe 10 tackles for a loss? Behind what Malik Jackson would bring to the table, that could be optimal.

The truth is that we should probably expect close to nothing from Marks. He is too big of a wildcard. But he still has the potential do bring a lot of value to the team.

4. Imagine if the D'Angelo Russell situation happened to the Jaguars

I am sure you already know about the D'Angelo Russell/Nick Young/Los Angeles Lakers situation. If not, Google it. You are on the Internet reading this to begin with, bub.

Just imagine if that happened to the Jaguars? What would you do as a fan? I'd be distraught. I'd almost denounce football as a sport all together. I'd put in years and years of research to develop a real version of the Men In Black memory-erasing device. I'd almost be inclined to root for the Tennessee Titans instead. (Ed note: Hank, no.)

Let us pray that it never comes to that.

5. Weekly follow suggestion

I don't listen to a ton of draft podcasts. Most of them are just regurgitating things that I already either know or have already heard a million times.

But one podcast I make sure to listen to every week is the Draft Breakdown one by Seth Cox (@ScoxFB) and Justin Higdon (@afc2nfc).

Look it up on iTunes or Twitter or wherever else the kids find podcasts. But make sure you listen to it.