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Jaguars 2016 win/loss predictions

Now that the Jaguars' 2016 schedule has been revealed, win/loss approximations will begin to fall like Florida rain. Here's my forecast.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars 2016 schedule is now public knowledge, which means the season of calculation and guesstimation is upon us. The thing is, it's April -- any conversation about potential wins and losses in 2016 holds about as much weight as a wet paper bag.

But hey, we have to start somewhere. Here are my predictions:


Sept. 11: vs. Green Bay Packers -- LOSS (0-1)

You can count on two things during opening weekend at Everbank -- an electric atmosphere, and plenty of Packers fans. But don't count on a victory.

Sept. 18: at San Diego Chargers -- WIN (1-1)

The Jaguars have matched up against the Chargers during each of the last three seasons. They've lost each contest. Fourth time's a charm.

Sept. 25: vs. Baltimore Ravens -- LOSS (1-2)

Another familiar match-up. A loss might seem like a kick in the gut here, but realistically, this game could go either way. Since the Jaguars stole the win last season, I'm going with the Ravens this season.

Oct. 2: vs. Indianapolis Colts (London) -- WIN (2-2)

Whether you like it or not, London is the Jaguars' second home. Gotta protect home field.

Oct. 9: Bye

The Jaguars have endured quite a few bye-week losses in the past. We'll see what 2016 brings.

Oct. 16: at Chicago Bears -- WIN (3-2)

Coming off of a London win and an early bye, I expect a healthy, rested Jaguars squad to win -- probably 25 or 6 to 4 -- in Chicago.

Oct. 23: vs. Oakland Raiders -- LOSS (3-3)

I know, I know. This one is tough. A vastly improved Raiders roster meets a win-streaking Jaguars team. Right now, I'm sticking with Del Rio sticking it to his old team.

Oct. 27: at Tennessee Titans (Thursday Night) -- WIN (4-3)

Come on, it's Thursday. Gus Bradley doesn't lose on Thursday. The Jaguars' winning record eight weeks in gives birth to a playoff fever around Jacksonville.

Nov. 6: at Kansas City Chiefs -- LOSS (4-4)

And just like that, the team is back at .500.

Nov. 13: vs. Houston Texans -- WIN (5-4)

The Jaguars get revenge for the year prior. Duval earns it's first home win of the season in mid-November.

Nov. 20: at Detroit Lions -- WIN (6-4)

A winning-streak re-appears as Blake Bortles beats Matthew Stafford in a Detroit shoot-out.

Nov. 27: at Buffalo Bills -- LOSS (6-5)

The Bills ride a cold, unforgiving home-field advantage to a win.

Dec. 4: vs. Denver Broncos -- LOSS (6-6)

The Jaguars hang tough for three quarters, unable to close out a home win against the reigning Super Bowl champs.

Dec. 11: vs. Minnesota Vikings -- LOSS (6-7)

Looking for a win when they need it most, the Jaguars fall short. Teddy Bridgewater finally gets revenge on former AAC archenemy, Blake Bortles.

Dec. 18: at Houston Texans -- LOSS (6-8)

Having lost three straight, the Jaguars snowball into a fourth disappointing outcome. The Texans take one step closer to the playoffs.

Dec. 24 (Saturday): vs. Tennessee Titans -- WIN (7-8)

The Titans gift the Jaguars with a big fat W during the season of giving.

Jan. 1: at Indianapolis Colts -- LOSS (7-9)

Trying to post a .500 record for the first time since 2010, the Jaguars fall just short on New Years Day.


These are my mid-April, before-the-draft, way-too-early, worthless 2016 predictions. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.