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Full list of Jacksonville Jaguars 2016 NFL Draft picks

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Draft is just over a week away and it feels like it came up quicker than in years past. It probably helps that we're not spending hours on in debating if the Jacksonville Jaguars should draft a quarterback, or wait until next year, or which quarterback they should draft. That usually takes up a lot of time and makes the draft process drag on. It came fast this year and it was actually a relief to not be completely done and tired of the draft three weeks ago, like in years past.

It will be an interesting draft for the Jaguars because they need to win this year and they need to take some impact players early in the draft. Some people seem to be confused by where the Jaguars pick and how many picks they have, so I wanted to give a simple list of where they pick to have handy. Since the Jaguars have the same record as a few times, the order in some rounds flip, so it can be a little confusing where the team picks in the later rounds.

Full list of Jacksonville Jaguars 2016 NFL Draft picks:

Round Overall
1 5
2 38
3 69
4 103
5 146
6 181
6 201
7 226

Screen shot that, save it in your notes on your phone or just book mark the page, but those are all the picks the Jaguars currently have in the NFL Draft. I suspect they may end up with less than that, however, as I'm not sure 8 draft picks will make the roster. All the team's draft picks last year didn't even make the roster.