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Myles Jack's agent posts video doing drills

There were some injury rumors around Myles Jack on Monday and his agent is here to answer them.

The Jacksonville Jaguars went to visit Myles Jack on Saturday night and reportedly put him through some drills to see if he tested out well enough to invest the No. 5 overall pick in him.

The video was apparently a response to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News, who said he heard from an NFL source that Myles Jack's knee was a "time bomb" that would only give him a ceiling of a player like Jonathan Vilma -- great for six or seven years at a high level but not much after that.

Um, please give me Jonathan Vilma for six or seven years, Jaguars.

Never mind the fact that six or seven years at a high level would be something only a handful of Jaguars first-round picks have accomplished, but looking at these drills you wouldn't guess there are major injury red flags for most (if not all) teams.