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Should the Jaguars make any trades on Day 1 of the NFL Draft?

There's talk of the Jaguars getting calls from around the league for their No. 5 overall pick. Should they do it?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With how often the Jacksonville Jaguars have picked within the first five selections of the NFL Draft in recent years (lol) you don't hear much, if any, talk about the Jaguars trading up on the first night of the draft, but this year the stars may align to change that.

For the first time since taking over the team, general manager Dave Caldwell is working with a roster that isn't completely barren. Because of the state of the roster in recent years, Caldwell has had to keep every pick he can. But while they still have obvious needs this year, there are not as many as they have had in past years. The chances of a whole draft class worth of picks actually making the team is slim.

And with the recent news today that the Jaguars are getting calls from around the league for the No. 5 overall pick, we could see Caldwell do something he's never done before... trade down in the first round.

So what are some scenarios in the 2016 draft where Caldwell could make a move and trade up in the first round?

Trade up to No. 3 for Jalen Ramsey

There are three elite players in this draft class.

Laremy Tunsil, who the Jaguars should not even think about taking.

Ezekiel Elliot, who the Jaguars will not even think about taking.

And Jalen Ramsey.

I am of the opinion that Myles Jack probably makes the most sense for the Jaguars with how their defense and needs are set up right now. But if the chance is there to get a truly elite player, then by no means should you simply ignore it.

You could tell the San Diego Chargers that if they trade down to No. 5 overall then they could still pick Tunsil, since the Cowboys won't take him. It is a move that could work out great for both sides and the compensation would likely not be overly steep.

Trade up to No. 29 for Noah Spence

If Noah Spence takes a draft day tumble due to off field issues, the Jaguars need to pounce.

There are three pass rushers who are bonfire first round talents this year. One of them loves EDM and is going in the top 5, and one of them is Noah Spence.

Dave Caldwell has made comments that make it seem like he is inclined to let Dante Fowler take almost all the starting LEO snaps, so if the Jaguars are in market for a pass rusher then they are probably looking for more of a speed rushing situational type. You won't find anyone in this draft better than that then Spence.

You would also be asking the Cardinals to move back only 10 spots as well. And in this draft, the difference between the 29th pick and the 39th is... not large.

Go after Shaq Lawson

For some reason, Shaq Lawson is likely going to fall in the NFL Draft. He has the film, production, intangibles, and measurable to suggest the NFL should be in love with him, but for some reason they just don't seem to be.

Their loss.

Lawson has the highest potential out of all the pass rushers in the class and he is eerily similar to Dante Fowler as a prospect (actually has better production and measurables but that is neither here nor there). He could play base LEO snaps and let Fowler move around the formation as well as form a bookend duo with him on 3rd downs.

If he falls to Seattle at 26, I put Gus on the phone to his father Pete Carroll instantly and see what moves can be made.