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Jaguars getting phone calls for No. 5 overall pick

Dave Caldwell said on Friday that the Jaguars are getting phone calls for their first-round pick.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are getting phone calls from around the league for the No. 5 overall pick, according to general manager Dave Caldwell.

Speaking on a range of things from Myles Jack's injury rumors to "continued interest" in free agent cornerback Josh Norman, Caldwell also said that he's been getting interest from teams for his first-round pick.

It's not surprising that the No. 5 overall pick is garnering interest. This is, after all, a four-player draft with Laremy Tunsil, Myles Jack, Jalen Ramsey, and Joey Bosa. And with the first two picks likely going to Jared Goff and Carson Wentz, that means the Jaguars are third after those two quarterbacks are taken and squarely in the middle of a race for one of those four players.

Caldwell has never traded down out of his first-round pick in his first three drafts, opting to stay at the top of the draft and select Luke Joeckel, Blake Bortles, and Dante Fowler. But Caldwell said later on 1010XL that "the team doesn't need to sacrifice talent for need" going into this year's draft, so we could see them trade down a few spots and gather a few extra picks this year or next.