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Peter King mock draft: Jaguars trade down with Titans, pick Leonard Floyd

MMQB's Peter King has unveiled his mock draft the week of the draft and it is a doozy for the Jaguars!

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Peter King of MMQB and Sports Illustrated has released his 2016 mock draft for the Jacksonville Jaguars and he believes the team will do something many of us want but few of us will speak out loud: trade down.

The first round of the draft goes predictably through the first four picks, with Jared Goff and Carson Wentz going to the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles, respectively. Then the San Diego Chargers take Jalen Ramsey, who is arguably the top-rated player on the Jaguars' board. At fourth overall, the Dallas Cowboys do what they do best and take a flashy player who has loads of potential on the field and even more potential off the field to garner headlines and steal the show of the first round.

Then the Jaguars are on the clock and they... trade down with the Tennessee Titans?

Mock Trade: Jacksonville trades the fifth pick in the first round to Tennessee for picks in the first (15th overall) and second (33rd overall) rounds, and a mid-round pick in 2017.

5. Tennessee: Laremy Tunsil, OT, Mississippi. The winner for GM of the 2016 draft, if this happens, would be Jon Robinson. He ended up getting one of the two players he’d have taken at number one (Tunsil) here at number 5, and in so doing, picked up two extra second-round picks this year, and first-round and third-round picks next year … not to mention a pick that would give the Titans two long-term tackles for Marcus Mariota. Now if he can only pull this off the way I see it happening.

Okay, so we move down to the No. 15 overall pick, but now we have two picks at the top of the second round. So, who do we pick, King?

15. Jacksonville: Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia.

If the Jags sit at five and take Floyd or Bosa or Buckner, or move down and luck out if Floyd’s still on the board, think of the difference along the front seven of the 2016 Jags from last season, when Jacksonville was arguably the worst third-down defense in football. What would be new: last year’s first-round pick, Dante Fowler Jr., returning from summer 2015 knee surgery; free-agent defensive end Malik Jackson, late of Denver; and a third potential major force. Floyd, the versatile pass-rusher/cover man, is gaining traction late in the draft process. He could be the kind of all-around linebacker Jamie Collins is for New England.

Peter, no.

Listen, Floyd is a good football player. But Floyd at No. 15? Unless we're talking the No. 15 pick of the second round, no. He doesn't do one thing exceptionally well. Instead, he does a lot of things... kind of good. It's what will make him a good player in the league, but not a top-15 player, even in as weak a class.

Floyd is not a good edge rusher (which is fine) but he's also not consistently good enough at blitzing from the linebacker position to warrant this high of a pick. His athleticism and pass coverage is his golden ticket to the NFL (especially considering he's 6'6" and 240 pounds) but his run defense is average at best. And when you look at his run defense inside the tackles, or his inability to shed blocks... no.

What do you think? If we traded down to the middle of the first round, would you be happy with Leonard Floyd?