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Jacksonville Jaguars Q&A: Can the Jaguars realistically trade down in the first round?

The 2016 NFL Draft kicks off tonight, and I know you've got some questions regarding the Jaguars -- so I'm here to answer!

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The 2016 NFL Draft begins tonight and it can't have come soon enough. After a couple months of rumors, free agent signings, pro days and more, questions are starting to pile up as the draft inches closer and closer -- and I'm here to answer any questions you've had.

I took your questions Tuesday night on Twitter and provided answers to the best questions below.

It's all depending on who the Jaguars select in the first round, but I'm thinking the team will select someone to fill the void at center or a guard so either Brandon Linder or A.J. Cann can move to center. My favorite offensive line prospect in the entire draft is Alabama center Ryan Kelly, but he probably won't be available at No. 38. If Kelly isn't there, I'd be over the moon with either Kansas State guard Cody Whitehair or even Notre Dame center Nick Martin, even if he's a "reach".

If the Jaguars don't take an offensive lineman, look for some second tier pass rushers such as Kamalei Correa or Shilique Calhoun, or even OTTO linebacker Joshua Perry.

Jack was projected to be a top five pick before his knee injury, and still should be as he is 100% medically cleared from his knee injury. teams still seem to be skeptical, however, which is causing his stock to fall. Jacksonville is the premium landing spot for Jack, but if the team were to trade back a couple picks and hope to still select Jack, the ideal landing spot would be around picks 8-10.

I don't think any teams between 6-10 have Jack at the top of their boards based off of team needs and the injury skepticism. After Jacksonville, the Ravens and 49ers need help on both sides of the line. The Browns need help at quarterback, running back, offensive line, and defensive line, but are also looking to move further back in the draft. The Buccaneers need a cornerback or a pass rusher, and the Giants need offensive and defensive lines, and help in the secondary. The Jaguars could make a trade with the Browns, Buccaneers, or the Giants in which they could land an extra pick or two in the draft and still land the best prospect for the team in Jack.

I'd say two or three offensive picks at the very most, unless the team acquires extra picks via trade. I won't go into mocking any picks (you can check out my official mock draft tomorrow for that), but I'd say the team targets an interior offensive lineman, an offensive tackle in the late rounds, and maybe a backup quarterback of the future.

That's just the nature of the draft. Typically, when analysts get bored and want to spice things up, they'll start to create unrealistic scenarios where team's are mocked players they don't need or would be considered a reach, such as Laremy Tunsil to the Jaguars, or in this case, Leonard Floyd.

Floyd is a good football player, but isn't worth being drafted at five. Lawson is definitely the better prospect out of the two as Lawson is a more pro ready, natural pass rusher, whereas Floyd is only "good" at several different things. Lawson could very well be the pick at five, whether it's a reach or not, and would be safer than a player like Floyd who is riding on potential and is not great yet at any specific skill.

While I don't see the team trading Joeckel until after the season starts if at all, I could see the Jaguars moving back into the first if they're truly in love with Ryan Kelly as a prospect. Kelly would automatically fix the middle of the offensive line and take this offense from being good to great, in my honest opinion.

It really all depends on if Kelly is available near the end of the round. Teams like the Redskins (21), Bengals (24), and Seahawks (26) are apparently interested in Kelly, but if they pass on him, I would pray for the Jaguars to send their 38th overall pick as well as their 2017 third-rounder to a team like the Packers at 27 in order to select Kelly. To hell with it, throw in your 2017 fifth-rounder too. Just get Kelly!