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Jacksonville Jaguars 2016 NFL Draft: Day 1 live blog

The 2016 NFL Draft is finally here! Follow along with all the Jaguars news and rumors leading up to the No. 5 overall pick in our live blog.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Draft is finally here! The Jacksonville Jaguars hold the No. 5 overall pick but there's talk (as there is every year) of general manager Dave Caldwell trading down, according to ESPN.

Let's be clear: These talks happen every year, but there's a little more probability of it happening this year. Why? Because there will likely be an elite offensive tackle available when the Jaguars pick at No. 5 overall and because there's a wealth of defenders in the top-15 of this class. The Jaguars could trade down a few spots and still pick up a Day 1 starter like Shaq Lawson or Leonard Floyd.

Will it happen? Probably not. I think Dave Caldwell and Gus Bradley will take a playmaker like Myles Jack or Jalen Ramsey before they move down to get an extra pick.

Live picks as they happen

Live blog

10:38 PM: TEARS.

10:33 PM: Have fun, Jalen.

10:12 PM: Damn. As if our pass rush didn't have enough problems as it was.

9:05 PM: A solid piece for the Tennessee Titans. They needed some help along the offensive line.

8:47 PM: I'm crying real tears.

4:43 PM: Oh no.

1:09 PM: That's right -- a full 7-round mock draft served up nice and hot!

10:54 AM: Lettuce pray.

9:06 AM: Neat.

8:00 AM: #TeamAnyoneButLaremyOrVernon