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Instant Reaction: Jalen Ramsey

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

With the 5th overall pick, the Jaguars selected Florida State DB Jalen Ramsey.

I need a moment to collect myself.

Well. Not only is Ramsey the best player in the draft, but he is also the ONLY pick that made sense at 5 with how the first 4 picks fell. Jack's knee is too much of a question mark, Buckner doesn't fit, and Floyd is a reach.

From a needs standpoint, Joey Bosa made the most sense. Him going to the Chargers was truly shocking, though. The Cowboys passing up on Ramsey was somehow even more shocking.

With this pick the Jaguars not only took the biggest step to revamp their secondary in the history of the Bradley regime, they did something even more special. Even more surprising.

They did the right thing.

They had the draft fall perfectly for them and they could have hanxed it. Everybody knows it is in their nature to hanx it. But they made the right call and took a true blue chip player.

Expect Ramsey to start out as a cornerback early on but the potential to move him around the defense will still remain there, regardless of what he is labeled as.

The Jaguars did not need a corner at the 5th pick. I've said this over and over.

but when you can take an elite player, you just do it. And when you're the Jaguars, you REALLY need to do it.

Congrats to Jalen Ramsey on this special moment. The future is very, very bright with this selection. There is not a better pick that the team could have made, and well... They made it.

Grade: A+++++++. Didn't hanx it.