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How Myles Jack fits within the Jaguars defensive scheme

The Jaguars snatched their second steal of the draft -- UCLA linebacker Myles Jack.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On paper, Myles Jack is a fantastic fit for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jack's unique combination of athleticism and coverage ability is something that should keep Jack on the field -€-” even if his knee issues ultimately take him away from it.

When healthy, Myles certainly is a Jack-of-all-trades. The Jaguars will have a better run defense with Jack on the field, mostly because of his ability to line up in different stations. Jack could line up in the slot or in the box in run situations, embracing the role that Johnathan Cyprien was always meant to fulfill. Placing Jack in a strong-safety-type role would allow the Jaguars to utilize Paul Posluszny's run coverage.

In passing situations, Jack could replace Posluszny, taking on a large coverage responsibility from the inside linebacker position. Jack thrives in coverage --€” he should be able to bolster the Jaguars leaky pass defense.

We'll learn more about Jack's specific role as the Jaguars release information over the next few days. For now, we know one thing for sure -€-” Jack will provide an immediate boost for a struggling defense.