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Observations after Round 1

Observations after Round 1 of the draft. Best picks, worst picks, and a round 2 wish list

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

1) The Jaguars made a franchise changing draft pick.

Blue chip player.

Possible best player in the draft.

Elite potential.

All of this describes the Jaguars new 1st round pick, Jalen Ramsey.

I am still shocked that Ramsey was even there at 5. Not a single soul predicted Joey Bosa to San Diego, and the Cowboys passing up on Ramsey for a running back, no matter how talented the back is, is unprecedented.

For the first time in a long, long time, it seems like lady luck has the Jaguars best interests at heart. The selection of Jalen Ramsey has the potential to bring radical changes to the Jaguars defense, both in the short and long term.

And just look at this. My heart.

2) The rest of the division did not make franchise changing draft picks!

Ryan Kelly is a very good player. After Laremy Tunsil, he is probably the 2nd best lineman in the draft talent wise. But he is still a center. He is going to be one of the top 8 centers in the NFL and we will not even notice him. Great player, good pick, just not exactly a franchise changing one.

The Titans gave up real drafts to pick Jack Conklin. Jack. Conklin. Amazing.

And then the Texans drafted Will Fuller over significantly better players such as Josh Dotson and Laquan Treadwell.


3) Favorite Picks

My favorite picks of the first round outside of the Jaguars?

Shaq Lawson to the Bills. Replaces Mario Williams. Can step in day 1 and make an impact.

Kenny Clark to the Packers. One of the highest upside defenders in the whole draft and is not even close to realizing his potential. Great pick.

Robert Nkemdiche to the Cardinals. Nkemdiche needs the right situation to realize his potential and Arizona is as good of a landing spot as he could possibly ask for. Homerun pick.

4) Least Favorite Picks

Ronnie Stanley got picked over Laremy Tunsil because of a 5 year old video that teams already knew about. Oh, and the pass rushers Stanley will face? Jarvis Jones and Paul Krueger. Not exactly the AFC West where you need bookend OTs. Plus rumors are that Stanley might play Guard which is....a horrible idea.

Is Ozzie washed?

Eli Apple went in the top 10. That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. And people think that Coughlin was the problem in New York? Please.

William Jackson is the best DB not named Jalen Ramsey in this draft to me, but when will he play in Cincy? How many first round corners are they going to take?

5) Round 2 wish list?

As of now, my wish list for the Jaguars 2nd round pick;

Noah Spence. Need a pass rusher more than anything and he is the lone top 40 talent left at DE.

Myles Jack, He is worth the risk at this point in the draft.

Chris Jones/Jonathan Bullard. If you can't find an edge rusher, get an athletic DT that can bring pressure from the rest of the formation instead.

Shilique Calhoun. May be a bit of a reach but he is the best pass rusher left after Spence.

Cody Whitehair. The best interior lineman left in the draft. Caldwell is the type of guy who sticks by his board and doesn't reach for need this early in the draft, as well.

I'd stay away from Ogbah, Dodd, and Ragland.