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2016 UDFA signing period: 6 Jaguars targets after the NFL Draft

What UDFA players should the Jaguars be interested in?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2016 NFL Draft over, the frenzy that is the undrafted free agency signing period begins. The Jacksonville Jaguars have struck big in UDFA in recent years, with the most obvious and impactful addition being Allen Hurns in 2014.

So who are some UDFA that the Jaguars should target this year?

Keyarris Garrett, WR, Tulsa

Do the Jaguars need a receiver? No. But we said the same thing after the 2014 draft when they took Allen Robinson and some guy named Marquise Lee to add to Cecil Shorts. Tulsa is probably the best pure talent left on the board. Why not?

Jay Lee, WR, Baylor

Everything we said about Garrett above, except he's probably the second-best receiver.

Jonathan Jones, CB, Auburn

High upside player to add that would bring some competition to camp for Nick Marshall.

Jack Allen, Center, Michigan State

The Jaguars still do not have a clear starting center. I am shocked Allen hasn't been taken. He is a starting quality talent.

Tyvis Powell, FS, Ohio State

Who is Tashaun Gipson's backup? Craig Loston? Call Powell once the draft is over. Right after you call Jack Allen.

Landon Turner, OL, UNC

A solid and experienced college lineman who has a lot of tools to work with.

P.S. Don't @ me about Jeremy Cash. I'm not interested in him.