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Weekly Observations: Don't take much stock in pre-draft visits

It's time for Hank's weekly observations. This week he talks team visits before the NFL Draft, Pete Prisco, and more.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Hank Joness talks Pete Prisco so that's all you need to know about this week's observations and musings.

1. Pre-draft visits do not mean much

The Jacksonville Jaguars have brought in a ton of prospects to visit this week, as you likely know... Myles Jack, Joey Bosa, Jalen Ramsey, Laremy Tunsil, Ronnie Stanley, DeForest Buckner, Vernon Hargreaves, and more. Even Jayron Kearse, for some awful reason, was in for a visit.

There is nothing that really needs to be picked through with a fine toothed comb here. It is clear that the team is simply doing their due diligence just to cover all of their bases no matter what.

But they have at least brought in their future first round pick into the building. We are getting close. Wheee.

2. Relax, Pete

I didn't even get past the headline of this, for obvious reasons.

I think Myles Jack is a great prospect, but let's r-e-l-a-x. Hyperboles like this are unfair to Jack and are just setting him up for disappointment.

3. Preseason schedule takes? Preseason schedule takes

You want preseason takes? We have preseason takes.

The Jaguars getting their Week 3 preseason game at home against the Cincinatti Bengals is about as good of a luck of the draw as they can get.

The third preseason game is typically seen as a tune up game for teams, the last time their starters see the field together before the regular season begins. For the Jaguars to get an actual legitimately good and experienced team like the Bengals in a game that is still equally as meaningless as it is useful is a big get.

Plus it is going to be on NBC, which is something, right?

4. Blake has a good taste in sports movies

I am proud of my quarterback.

There are some levels to this tweet.

For one, Major League is the greatest baseball movie ever made. And it isn't close. Rookie Of The Year is solid. The Sandlot was good when I was 12. Bull Durham isn't even Costner's best baseball movie. It isn't close, people.

And also, Bortles could be seen as the Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn of the NFL.

The resemblance is uncanny.

5. Weekly follow suggestion

The two godfathers of the NFL draft on Twitter are Matt Waldman (@MattWaldman) and Sigmund Bloom (@SigmundBloom)

With the NFL Draft finally right around the corner, I can not recommend these two more.