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Jaguars get favorable preseason schedule

The Jaguars get arguably the best possible preseason home slate that a fan base can ask for.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL preseason schedule was announced on Thursday afternoon, meaning we now know who the opponents for the Jacksonville Jaguars will be come August when the team hits the field. Which actual teams the Jaguars play, in my opinion, aren't really important. The very first thing I look at when the preseason schedule is released is which weeks the Jaguars are playing at home, and pray to all that is holy that one of them isn't Week 4.

The Jaguars for the 2016 preseason were given probably the best combination of home games anyone could have asked for to watch fake, meaningless football. The Jaguars get both Week 2 and the all-important Week 3 at home this season, with the Week 3 game being a nationally televised match up on NBC. The fans dodge one with not getting the worst of the worst for the preseason, Week 4.

The Week 3 game is typically the "dress rehearsal" with most teams playing their starters into the third quarter, to simulate coming back after halftime in preparation for the actual season to start a few weeks later. In Week 2, most of the starters will play until halftime, so Jaguars fans get the best possible games at EverBank Field this year.