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Luke Joeckel trade rumors: Could the Jets come calling for Jaguars LT?

With the recent stunner of the Jets long time starting left tackle retiring, could they sniff around Luke Joeckel?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets were hit with stunning news on Friday morning as long time left tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson announced that he was going to retire from the NFL. This obviously puts the Jets in a precarious position just a few weeks prior to the NFL Draft and when NFL free agency has essentially come and gone, meaning that they'll need to look to a possible rookie or try to work out a trade with someone for a new left tackle.

This of course, has led to a few potential "trade-able" players names being thrown out, including Jacksonville Jaguars left tackle Luke Joeckel.

Now, this doesn't mean that the Jaguars are actively trying to trade Joeckel or that the Jets will(have) call(ed) about him, but I'd have to imagine the phone line is open if a team wants to give them a call. Of the sames Breer floated in his tweet, Joeckel is obviously the least desirable, but he's probably going to be the most affordable, compensation-wise, but it's also a bit of a weird situation for the Jaguars.

If a trade for Joeckel, from anyone, were going to materialize it would likely be on the second or third day of the NFL Draft, when it's clear the Jets couldn't fill the void with a rookie. There's also the case of the Jaguars being comfortable enough in newly signed Kelvin Beachum's knee recovery to part with Joeckel, even with all his faults. There's a reason that Beachum initially got a one-year deal from the Jaguars with a team option, because he's coming back from an ACL tear and they need to see him on the field and how he plays. That could make Joeckel difficult to part with, because the only other capable left tackle currently on the roster is Josh Wells, who's also coming off a season ending injury.

I'm not sure what kind of compensation you would get for Joeckel, but it would likely be more than what the team would get in the form of a compensatory pick if/when he is lost in free agency in 2017.

Again, there doesn't appear to be anything in the works, but Joeckel's name being one floated out there certainly makes it something worth paying attention to.