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Tyrone Holmes has one of the highest ceilings in Jaguars draft class

A sixth round pick by the Jaguars has more excited than anyone not named Jalen Ramsey or Myles Jack. Seriously.

Oh baby!

It is rare to get excited over a sixth round pick for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but this one is one that is very much worth getting excited for in my eyes.

In Yannick Ngakoue, the Jaguars took a high-floor/low-ceiling pass rusher who can contribute from Day 1. In Holmes, they did the opposite.

This is not to say that Holmes' floor is low and he has no clue what he is doing out there on the field, but instead is suggesting that the appeal to him is with his upside.

He tested as one of the best athletes among all edge rushers in the entire draft class and dominated his level of competition from a production standpoint. I'm not sure how early Holmes will make an impact or be given a chance to crack the rotation, but I am sure Holmes will be the best athlete among the Jaguars' edge rushing group from opening day.

If I had to place my money on who we will look at as the most impactful draft pick from this class that is not named Jalen Ramsey or Myles Jack, it would be Holmes. Seriously.

Taking high-upside athletes who dominated their competition is really the best case scenario you can ask for in a sixth-round pick. It's a home run by general manager Dave Caldwell.

Grade: A