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2016 NFL Top 100: Which 2 Jaguars players make it tonight?

Allen Hurns is likely being unveiled on the NFL's Top-100 list tonight. Who will join him?

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars will have two players on the NFL's Top-100 list tonight. Yesterday, it was teased that a Jaguars player would be on tonight's segment for No. 81 through 90 who fell through the cracks because "scouts just have bad eyes" and it's likely they're talking about Allen Hurns.

So, if Hurns is on the list who's joining him? The Jaguars are saying that this is a player making his debut and that could include Malik Jackson since he wasn't on the list last year.

If I'm being conservative, it's Allen Robinson. They'd be the perfect pair for NFL Network to interview together, even if I think Robinson deserves to be higher on the list. If I'm being an optimist, it's Malik Jackson. This is where I think Malik fits on the Top-100 list and it allows Robinson to get to the higher place where he deserves.

What do you think? If Allen Hurns is the one that was teased, who's joining him? My guess is Malik Jackson. What's yours?