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Allen Hurns ranked No. 89 on the NFL's Top 100

Two years after going undrafted, Allen Hurns makes his first appearance on the NFL's annual Top-100 list after being voted in by current NFL players.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, we learned that two Jacksonville Jaguars players would be ranked somewhere between No. 81-90 on the NFL's annual Top-100 list.

NFL Network unveils ten Top-100 players per week on Wednesday nights --€” a slow, stretched build-up to actual football programming in the fall.  After a day of speculation, the Wednesday night special has finally revealed the first Jaguar on the list -€-” Allen Hurns.

Hurns totaled 64 catches, 10 touchdowns, and 1,031 yards in 2015 -€”- an impressive feat for an undrafted second-year receiver.

Still, Hurns' 2015 numbers fell short of other 1,000-yard Jaguar receiver Allen Robinson's --€” another name expected to arrive at some point on the NFL's 2016 Top-100.

It's still unknown how many Jaguars will end up on the NFL's 2016 Top-100, but it could be as many as five. Malik Jackson, Chris Ivory, Blake Bortles, and Allen Robinson are a few names that could be listed behind Hurns on the list.