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NFL and YouTube to release three classic Jaguars games this fall

The league announced it would be bring three memorable Jaguars games to YouTube this fall. Which games should they be?

The NFL announced on Thursday that it's partnering with YouTube to release "three of the most memorable games" for the Jacksonville Jaguars and each of the 31 other teams. That's a lot of classic games (in their entirety) coming to YouTube.

But the question remains: Which Jaguars games should they release? Recode is reporting that fans will be able to vote, so it's important we get this right, people.

The list begins and ends with the 1996 AFC Divisional game against the Denver Broncos. Yes, you can watch the full game here, but it'd be nice to have the audio and video quality upgraded and to have the digitized version of the game uploaded, not straight from VCR. (And to not fear it'll get taken down at any minute.)

The next two are up to your personal preference. The 1996 AFC Wild Card game against the Buffalo Bills was good. So was the 1997 Monday Night Football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers where Chris Hudson blocked a potentially game-winning field goal by the Steelers and ran it back for a touchdown. (Bonus points if you remember Bill Cowher getting mad enough on the sidelines to have to restrain himself from tripping Hudson on the return.)

The 1999 AFC Divisional game against the Miami Dolphins where we ended Dan Marino's career with a 62-7 victory would be nice, especially considering it included the best five minutes in Jaguars history with a 90-yard Fred Taylor run and a dancing Tony Brackens literally having to be pushed into the end zone by Bryce Paup. The 2007 AFC Wild Card game between the Jaguars and Steelers was a lot of fun too.

So, which three Jaguars games are you voting to be put on YouTube this fall? Answer in the comments below.