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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: EverBank Field is Duval 'Til We Die

The Jaguars are doing some Khanstruction and made sure to include one very important detail.

Jaguars make sure EverBank Field construction is Duval 'Tie We Die -
You're at the heart of all that we do. Now you're at the heart of our stadium.

Allen Hurns and Telvin Smith deserve every bit of praise they're getting -
Allen Hurns and Telvin Smith came into the league under the radar and with a chip on their shoulders. They're now two of the best in the NFL and deserve every accolade you can give them.

ESPN's Bill Barnwell gives Jaguars a B+ for 2016 offseason -
After last year, when the Jaguars drafted Dante Fowler Jr. No. 3 overall and promptly saw their edge rusher tear his ACL on the first day of minicamp, you could forgive the Jaguars for getting a little lucky on draft day. Coach Gus Bradley desperately needed help in his secondary, and the player who many suggest will be the best from this draft class, Jalen Ramsey, fell to the Jaguars at five. It's not clear whether Ramsey fills in as a cornerback or an impactful safety, but the good news is that the Jags need both.