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Could Jaguars Shaq Lawson injury flag mean Myles Jack's knee might be just fine?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills will be without rookie pass rusher Shaq Lawson for 4-6 months, as it was recently revealed that he re-aggravated a shoulder issue and will be needing surgery to correct it. As Jacksonville Jaguars fans, we can relate to how crushing news like this can be to fans, given what happened with the Jaguars first round pick, Dante Fowler Jr., last season.

There were some concerns with Lawson's shoulder leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft, but most of the reports were that it wasn't an issue and Lawson himself said that he hurt the shoulder back in 2013, but it didn't need corrective surgery and he was fine. In an odd tidbit, the Jaguars were the one team to flag Lawson for a medical re-check for his shoulder. While Lawson may not have needed immediate surgery on the shoulder at the time, it's clear the Jaguars doctors saw it as an issue, and then during a simple drill doing a swim move against a dummy, Lawson re-aggrevated it and now has to go under the knife.

It seems the Jaguars doctors were right to be concerned with Lawson's shoulder, whereas the rest of the media etc. seemed to believe it was a non-issue, which immediately made me think of how the entire Myles Jack situation went down leading up to the draft. Potential surgery down the line for Lawson was kind of an assumed thing, if necessary, but he could play through the issue and it didn't seemed to be played up as a big concern, even with a team flagging him medically.

Contrast that with how the Myles Jack issue was covered, and you'd think teams were shying away from drafting a player with only one leg. The Jaguars indicated their medical staff was fine with Jack's knee, even though micro-fracture surgery could be something to deal with down the line. A lot of the concern with Jack as a draft pick wasn't his ability to play in the immediate, but the ability to play over the long term. The Jaguars front office claimed he wasn't off their board due to medical concerns and would have been in the running for him had Jalen Ramsey not fallen in their lap at the No. 5 overall pick.

They seemed to be right on Lawson, so maybe they're right on Jack in not being concerned with the long term prognosis.

Again, I want to be clear and say this really sucks for Lawson and Bills fans, and this isn't poking fun or rubbing it in. I just found it interesting the coincidence of the Jaguars being concerned with one player, the concern being realized, while not seeming too concerned with the player everyone in the media was concerned with.