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Jaguars truther exposes NFL that's not 'playing by the rules'

You can't have a newcomer come in and steal the show.

What if I told you that the Jacksonville Jaguars were part of a massive, league-wide conspiracy? Or that their 11 losing seasons since 1999 weren't because of bad drafts and poor roster decisions, but rather because the NFL was purposely keeping them down because they were the new team on the block?

It's true. All of it.

Jacksonville's WJXT4 caught up with this Jaguars fan hero after the draft and she dropped truth bomb after truth bomb, exposing the facade of the NFL.

You have to admit, it does seem suspicious when you put all of it together. The Jaguars were the hottest team in their first year. They did take it to the limit. We are playing by the rules. She did have a beach house in Miami that's a few minutes from the beach.

Godspeed, Jaguars truther. Godspeed.

If you have any information about this woman regarding her whereabouts, please leave a comment.