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Telvin Smith calls players-only meeting: 'I refuse to be a loser'

Third-year linebacker Telvin Smith called a players-only meeting last week to get the team focused going into the draft.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Telvin Smith helped his Lowndes High School football team win the 5A state championship when he was junior. Years later, he helped Florida State go undefeated and win a national championship in 2013.

With the Jacksonville Jaguars? He's been a part of eight wins total.

Now, at the beginning of his third season, Telvin called a players-only meeting at the end of an offseason workout leading up to the draft last week, according to ESPN's Michael DiRocco.

"I think the not wanting to settle for what’s been happening sparked it, and just me being a competitor and wanting to win. I’ve always said I’m not a loser and I refuse to be a loser. So you cannot do this on your own and you have to make sure everybody’s on the same mindset. And that’s the biggest thing, making sure everybody’s on the same mindset ... But words are only something. Actions are the biggest thing and that’s what we want to get from that meeting. Keep building from the meeting: actions."

The Jaguars are 8-24 since Telvin was drafted in 2014. He's compiled 232 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 11 pass deflections, three forced fumbles, two interceptions, and one touchdown in his career so far.