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Blake Bortles: "A hot dog is not a sandwich"

No wonder he didn't make the Pro Bowl last year.

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles helped with co-anchoring the First Coast News 5 o'clock news program on Thursday night, capping it off with a Q&A hosted by former Jaxson DeVille mascot Curtis Dvorak.

The questions ranged from asking about his favorite places to eat in Jacksonville, the best place to get a taco, whether ketchup should go in the fridge after opening, and if Fireball should be chilled or kept at room temperature in preparation for consumption.

But one of Blake's answers stood out like a sore thumb: "Is a hotdog a sandwich? No."

Personally, I think a hotdog is a sandwich, as does Curtis. There's meat between two pieces of bread. Other players agree... like Ryan Davis and Allen Robinson. But not Blake.

What do you think? Is a hot dog a sandwich?