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Weekly observations: Jalen Ramsey news as good as it gets

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another round of Hank's weekly observations about the Jacksonville Jaguars!

1. Jalen news is as good as it could get

Jalen Ramsey is going be back by the start of training camp and will not miss a single significant snap this season, as of now. For the Jaguars, Jalen, and everyone involved with the team in one way or another, this is the best news you could get.

My stance on the thought of Jalen still having knee issues sometime down the road is the same stance I had (and have) with Myles Jack and his knee -- until something serious comes up, there isn't really much you can do. No point in stressing over something that is not an actual problem yet.

Jalen having any kind of work done on his knee this early in his career is obviously not ideal, but the situation has still worked out the best way it could.

2. Not a lot learned from first week of OTAs

Like you would expect from OTAs, a voluntary practice week that is void of actual serious physical contact, there was not much noteworthy action coming from the week of Jaguars practice. Add onto the fact that key players such as Jalen Ramsey, Myles Jack, Sen'Derrick Marks, and Kelvin Beachum, among others, did not participate, and this week was even more watered down.

There were some things that were worth keeping an eye on, such as Dante Fowler returning to the field for the first time since his injury, but ultimately this week did little to fend off the monotony of the offseason.

3. Who cares who wears No. 23?

Second year safety James Sample has declined Jalen Ramsey's offer of $30,000 to give Ramsey to rights to wear jersey No. 23.

This is every May football story wrapped into one. Who cares?

38 is admittedly a disgusting number. Jalen thinks so, I think so, and everyone with taste thinks so... but Sample was here first and he obviously wants to keep the number for sentimental reasons if he declined $30,000.

Move along.

4. The Bills have done nothing but hanx it this week

First the Bills hanx it like this...

...and then they hanxed it like this!

5. Weekly follow suggestion

This weeks follow is Matthew Fairburn (@MatthewFairburn).

Matt is currently working on the beat for the Buffalo Bills, but at one time he was a decorated SB Nation writer, including a good amount of time spent here at BigCatCountry. Matt is one of my favorite beats to follow, and I can honestly say as much professional success as he has found over the years, he has remained the same good-natured guy who is always willing to talk football with anybody.

Plus, he has Rex Ryan hot takes.