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Tyrone Holmes: 'In terms of scheme fit, I couldn't think of a better place to be'

We sat down with sixth round draft pick Tyrone Holmes to talk about his days at Montana, his fit with the Jaguars, and singing in front of NFL general managers.

The Jacksonville Jaguars got a potential steal when Dave Caldwell selected Montana edge rusher Tyrone Holmes in the sixth round of the draft. Holmes registered 25.5 sacks for Montana over the last two years and has an abundance of accolades to go along with it.

I wrote here about how Holmes is my favorite draft pick not named Jalen Ramsey or Myles Jack, simply because of the upside and athleticism he brings to the edge rushing group.

So what does Tyrone Holmes think about the Jaguars, playing with former Montana linebacker Jordan Tripp again, Florida weather, and singing in front of NFL general managers?

Hank Joness: "I'm not going to ask you how excited you are to be drafted because that's obvious. But how excited are you to be drafted by the Jaguars specifically?"

Tyrone Holmes: "I was really excited. The coaches are awesome. I was down there for a visit a few weeks ago and met with coach Gus [Bradley] and Coach Wash and in terms of scheme fit, I couldn't think of a better place to be. I am really blessed."

Hank: "What was your pre-draft visit like with the team? What impressions did you walk away with?"

Tyrone: "It was a good visit. It was the last of six visits so I was a little tired but it was an amazing opportunity. This visit was actually a special one because of Jordan Tripp who was a good buddy of mine in college. I went out to dinner with him when I was here and he really got me excited about the team and got me excited about the organization and coaches. Having Tripp with me here is going to be a big help and I feel really excited about it."

Hank: "You mentioned that you felt like Jacksonville is a perfect scheme fit for you. Before the draft was Jacksonville a place you felt like you wanted to be?"

Tyrone: "Yeah, like I said I had a good visit here and was able to meet Coach Wash and that was important. Having Jordan here is a big factor. And I'll watch TV and see them talk about the Jaguars as an up-and-coming team so that got me excited. I am definitely happy to be here."

Hank: "What was the most unique or strange thing you were asked during the pre-draft process? For instance, the Jaguars asked Andrew Billings to sing for them in a meeting."

Tyrone: *audible laughter* "They asked him to sing?"

Hank: "Yeah. Sing for them. Did you do anything like that?"

Tyrone: "Well, I didn't go to the Combine so I didn't have anything like that. All the interviews I did were a lot more laid back. But there was one question I kind of answered incorrectly."

Hank: "What was it?"

Tyrone: "A GM, not Jacksonville's, asked me who my favorite artist was. He meant music artist but I guess I panicked and I just said Van Gogh. That was really embarrassing."

Note: This counts as a Hanxed It moment for Tyrone

Hank: "One of your biggest games last season was against North Dakota State. You even had a strip-sack on Carson Wentz late in the game. Sacking Carson Wentz is a pretty big deal at the FCS level. Is there any specific quarterback in the NFL you want to sack?"

Tyrone: "There isn't a specific quarterback I want to sack. I want to sack them all."

Hank: "That's a good answer. Andrew Luck would have also been a good answer."

Tyrone: "Haha, you can throw him in there too."

Hank: "You're going from Montana to Florida. Are you ready for that climate change? In Jacksonville you won't get a Montana winter. We have people sitting in the pools in the middle of December."

Tyrone: "Yeah, I am definitely going to have to throw away all of my winter clothing. I have been to Florida twice outside of my visit to the Jaguars -- once for the Shrine Game and once to go to Disney in the fifth grade, so I haven't been exposed to the weather really. I'll get used to it."

Hank: "In your own words, what kind of player is Jacksonville getting in Tyrone Holmes?"

Tyrone: "I am a tough player. I'm relentless. I'm never gonna give up. I'm going to go 100 miles per hour, and I'm going to give 100% effort."

Thanks to Tyrone for giving us this interview. If you want to read more about Tyrone, you can check out this article by my friend Justis Mosqueda.