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NFL Network Top 100: Jaguars that should make the list

Which Jaguars players would you say deserve to be on NFL Network's annual top-100 list for 2016?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

How many Jacksonville Jaguars players are among the top 100 in the NFL right now?

Every year, NFL players get to vote on who they think are the best players. The votes have been tallied and NFL Network will reveal the results beginning tonight at 8pm EST with players ranked No. 100 through 91.

Julius Thomas made the list last year at No. 45, but it's unlikely he'll make it again this year after a season hampered by injury where he had just 46 catches for 455 yards and five touchdowns.

Maurice Jones-Drew is putting together his own top-100 list alongside the league's official list and has Blake Bortles at No. 98 in the NFL.

So, who makes the list this year? With the second-most touchdowns and a franchise-best 4,428 yards, I think Bortles makes it onto the list. As does Allen Robinson, who earned a spot at the Pro Bowl. Newcomer Malik Jackson could also be someone who makes it into the top-100.

What do you think? Will Bortles, Robinson, and Jackson make it? Are there any other players you'd include?