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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: A sleeping defensive giant just may wake up

Will the Jaguars defense grow in leaps and bounds this year?

Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

A sleeping defensive giant in the Jacksonville Jaguars may just wake up -
When Dave Caldwell and Gus Bradley were hired by the Jacksonville Jaguars back in 2013, they took over a team that had just finished 30th in the NFL in both yards and points allowed. After three full seasons at the helm, not much has changed for the Jacksonville defense on the stastical surface.

Kelvin Beachum said he's looking forward to playing 19 games in 2016 -
The Jacksonville Jaguars signed left tackle Kelvin Beachum in free agency to a unique deal, a one-year deal with a four-year team option. It's the epitome of a "prove it" contract for both the player and the team, and as long as Beachum comes back to where he was prior to his ACL injury in October of 2015, it should be a great deal for both sides.

Brandon Allen could force Jaguars to keep three quarterbacks -
With NFL teams hoping to utilize roster spots in the most creative ways possible, the third-string quarterback job has become a thing of the past for the majority of the league. The Jacksonville Jaguars have subscribed to that way of thinking over the last several years, dissolving the third arm on the roster to the point that the team failed to house even a practice squad quarterback for part of last season.