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Will the Jaguars actually have a kicking competition?

Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL offseason, for all intents and purposes, is over so we're going to hit that lull in the NFL season where nothing really happens, so we talk ourselves to death about what could happen. One thing that is going to definitely happen in the coming months are position battles and some surprise players are going to get released from the roster. Over the next few weeks we'll look at each position and determine where some surprise cuts could come from, as well as the additions to those spots.

First, we're going to look at the kicker position and ask the question a lot of people keep asking; Is Jason Myers safe?


Returning player(s): Jason Myers
New player(s): Jaden Oberkrom (R)
Outgoing player(s): N/A
Bubble player(s): N/A

This is a position where there's not really a lot to talk about, in regards to bubble players or surprise cuts. Given the fact that the Jacksonville Jaguars stuck it out with Myers after trading away Josh Scobee I think says a lot about his status. There were ample times last season where Myers could have, and in some cases probably should have, been released from the roster. He wasn't though, so that would lead my to believe he's going to be safe this season and they'll give it another run.

I can't speak for anything that Jaden Oberkrom brings to the table, because to be perfectly honest I know nothing about him. I do know however, that he'd have to significantly out perform Myers in training camp and the preseason to have a shot at the roster. The biggest thing for Myers was getting over whatever mental block he had with the extra points, and that's exactly what I think it was, just a mental adjustment. Now that the new distance for extra points are more familiar and no longer new, I would hope they become as routine as they should.

Outside of those struggles, Myers brought a lot to the table as a kicker. He wasn't automatic, but he was trustworthy from long distance. He was also good on kickoffs, meaning there's not usually a risk for a return.

I'm sure I'll write "this will be an interesting battle to watch" quite a bit during this series, but I'm not sure this will be one of those.