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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Does Brandon Linder move to center help offensive line?

How should the Jaguars shuffle their offensive line around, and more team news for your Monday morning.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Does moving Brandon Linder to center help Jacksonville Jaguars offensive line? -
The Jacksonville Jaguars offensive line has been in flux for the entirety of the Gus Bradley-Dave Caldwell era. That's pretty understandable, considering the 172 sacks allowed over the last three seasons. Those sacks aren't all on the offensive line. Some are on running backs failing to pickup the blitz or quarterbacks taking too much time to get rid of the ball or scrambling into pressure. Still, the majority of the onus is on the Jaguars' offensive front.

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Hank's weekly observations and musings on the Jaguars, the NFL Draft, and those 2017 mock drafts.

Brandon Allen finds out season doesn't matter with Jaguars -
Brandon Allen found out pretty quickly during the pre-draft process that size does matter. Anything less than nine inches isn’t ideal. Bigger is always better. Especially when it comes to a quarterback’s hand size.