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Jalen Ramsey not happy about missing mini-camp practice

The first-round pick said he'd rather be playing football, but understands why he's being held out of practice.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars rookie defensive back Jalen Ramsey isn't very happy about being held out of mini-camp practice.

Ramsey, the first-round pick by the Jaguars and No. 3 overall pick in the draft, had a meniscus tear in rookie practices shortly after joining the team. A successful surgery later and some rehabbing at EverBank Field, it was a best-case scenario: Ramsey wouldn't be missing any significant snaps this season.

But that doesn't mean Ramsey is happy.

"I’d rather be playing football," Ramsey said after Jaguars mini-camp wrapped up on Wednesday. "So it is what it is as far as a process right now. I feel no pain, there is no swelling or anything ... I had surgery so I’m good. I’m great. I did not want any time out, but it was best-case scenario. So that’s all I was hoping for and praying for."

Defensive coordinator Todd Wash seems to echo that sentiment.

"You can tell he’s got a little burr underneath the saddle," Wash said on Wednesday. "He’s ready to get going. He’s ready to come back and start competing."

But for now Ramsey said he's at 100 percent and there's nothing that should make anyone feel otherwise.

"I’m able to do everything. I can do anything."