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10 of the most butthurt tweets about Blake Bortles making the NFL Top 100

People are mad #online about Blake Bortles being named to the NFL Top 100. Bortles is undoubtedly the franchise quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. But from the reaction after he was announced as one of the league's best players, you'd think they just shit on Vince Lombardi's grave and streamed it live on NFL Network.

Here are the 10 people who most need their diaper changed.

Imagine all the NFL players.
It's easy if you try.
Derek Carr below us.
Above us number five.
Imagine all the people.
Living for today...

Bible verses in profile? Check.

NRA member? Check.

Hashtags involving Constitution and "conservative"? Check.

Thinks Jay Cutler is better than Blake Bortles? Check.

Chuck and prays? 83 percent of his passes were throws of 20 yards or less.

Derek Carr is 10-22. Blake Bortles is 8-24. Neat.

Because he leads in almost every statistical category you just listed.

In yards, touchdowns, and yards per attempt.

Yes, Chris, a quarterback who took every snap in 2015 is favored over one who played just seven games.

I... what?

So, the Top 100 is player-driven but Bortles made it because of fantasy football? Okay.

This is a new one.

Sorry, everyone. Bortles is a top 100 player in the NFL.