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2016 NFL point spreads: Jaguars favored in just one game

What are the Jaguars' odds in each of their games through Week 16? Will they cover the spread or fall short?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN has announced this season's point spreads for each team and despite an overhaul on defense and a draft that included Jalen Ramsey and Myles Jack, the Jacksonville Jaguars are favored in just one game -- Week 16 against the Tennessee Titans.

There are, however, several games counted as pick 'em games. The Jaguars are neither a favorite or underdog. The team you bet must win the game outright in order for you to cash your ticket.

Here are our predictions for if the Jaguars will cover the spread or lose you a bet.

2016 Jaguars odds

Week 1 - WIN

Green Bay Packers (-3.5) at Jacksonville

Look at what happened last season when Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers were on the road at EverBank Field in Week 1. The Panthers offense was rusty and the Jaguars defense capitalized. If not for some boneheaded plays by Blake Bortles, that's a straight up win by Jacksonville.

Week 2 - LOSE

Jacksonville at San Diego Chargers (-2.5)

I don't like it. Early-season trip to the West Coast. Don't bet either team here.

Week 3 - WIN

Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville (PK)

I think the Jaguars win this game. The Ravens early on the road fares well for a Jacksonville team that was even with them in Baltimore last season.

Week 4 - WIN

Indianapolis Colts (-3.5) at Jacksonville

We must protect this (Wembley) house.

Week 5


Week 6 - WIN

Jacksonville at Chicago Bears (-3.5)

Even on the road, I think this is a game the Jaguars win handedly. Two touchdowns.

Week 7 - WIN

Oakland Raiders at Jacksonville (PK)

No, Jack Del Rio. No.

Week 8 - LOSE

Jacksonville at Tennessee Titans (PK)

Gus Bradley has never lost a nationally televised game. That streak ends in his final year with the team.

Week 9 - WIN

Jacksonville at Kansas City Chiefs (-7)

I think the Jaguars ultimately lose this game, but they'll cover the spread. Something like a 27-21 loss at Arrowhead.

Week 10 - WIN

Houston Texans (-1) at Jacksonville

This is as good as a pick 'em game and I think the Jaguars will be picking up steam as the season progresses.

Week 11 - LOSE

Jacksonville at Detroit Lions (-3.5)

I don't trust Blake Bortles in shootouts, especially on the road.

Week 12 - WIN

Jacksonville at Buffalo Bills (-5)

I think the Jaguars either win this game or lose by four or less. Yes, it's on the road. But the Bills offense is hanxing itself so hard this offseason, I can't imagine how fun it'll be when the season starts.

Week 13 - LOSE

Denver Broncos (-3.5) at Jacksonville

Yeah, about that...

Week 14 - WIN

Minnesota Vikings (-2.5) at Jacksonville

I don't trust Blake Bortles in shootouts on the road. At home is a different story.

Week 15 - LOSE

Jacksonville at Houston Texans (-4.5)

Until Gus Bradley shows me he can stay competitive in late-season games on the road, I don't trust him.

Week 16 - LOSE

Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville (-4.5)

4.5 points? That's the largest preseason betting line I've seen in the Gus Bradley era. I think the Jaguars win by two or three points.