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What anonymous scouts said about Jaguars' Myles Jack before the draft

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Each year Bob McGinn of the Milwuakee Journal-Sentinel runs a series of stories about NFL Draft picks, including quotes from the infamous "anonymous scouts". It's a series I always look forward to, because there's always going to be a few interesting nuggets of information you might not have heard before and because some of the comments are so absurd they're hilarious. While we're in the middle of the dead period, I thought it would be fun to look back at what some of the scouts said about a few of the Jaguars draft picks.

First, we'll start out with the most controversial pick in UCLA linebacker Myles Jack. There weren't any issues off the field with Jack really, but the controversy was surrounding the long-term health of his knee.

Anyway, here's a few things they said about the new Jaguars linebacker:

"He's a slam dunk. He can play modern-day football, let's put it that way. That (expletive) ain't never leaving the field."

We'll, I certainly hope the first part is true, but the latter is very true. The hope is Jack will quickly become a three-down staple for the Jaguars at linebacker, really something they've been missing since Daryl Smith was in his prime.

"He is Von Miller freakish. He moves around like a DB in coverage. He has burst to close. Plays heavy. His character doesn't read as clean as Clay Matthews' but he's more physically talented than Clay. The heart, the desire, he has that. The nick on him is he has had some cheap shots on him and he hasn't been able to handle it in the most mature way....He's not a leader. He wants to be one of the guys. There were some things he could have done differently in regards to how he treated people."

I'm not aware of any character issues with Jack, but there goes the infamous "not a leader" criticism. Ok. Sure? I'm not sure I recall much immaturity from Jack leading up to the draft either and I can't speak for how he treated people, because I don't know! Maybe it's in reference to some of the things Jack said about his knee leading up, perhaps being a little too forthcoming about the details, but all-in-all nothing really to see here.

"He could start for us at strong safety and be the No. 2 running back. He transcends today's game."

I do think Jack could start as a box safety for most teams but I'm not sure about the running back part. Sure, the 2016 running back class was thin, so maybe?

Jack is expected to be a contributor out of the gate for the Jaguars, be it as a rotational player on passing downs or even forcing his way into the starting lineup and it looks like, for the most part, "anonymous scout" was a fan of Jack leading up to the NFL Draft.