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What is the most memorable game in Jaguars history?

The NFL and YouTube have opened the voting for you to choose which three classic Jaguars games make it to YouTube.

The NFL announced last month that it would be putting three classic Jacksonville Jaguars games on YouTube and that it would be leaving which games made it up to us, the fans.

And now you can vote! Make your choice in the embedded poll below or visit the Jaguars' official Facebook page here.

So far, the leading vote-getters are the two games that likely most stick out in your mind when thinking about the Jaguars' glory days: the 1996 AFC Divisional upset of the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium and the 1999 AFC Divisional win over the Miami Dolphins that was a 62-7 blowout and forced Dan Marino into retirement.

Coming in at third is the 2008 playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I'd honestly rather see the 1996 AFC Wild Card upset of the Buffalo Bills. For one, the Steelers game is still available on NFL Gamepass. I also watched it as a 22-year-old and can remember it a lot better than I can a playoff victory in Buffalo for which I was only 11.

But it's up to you. Vote here and let's get some Jaguars games on YouTube!