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Jalen Ramsey is tired of your injury questions: "I'm 100 percent. Next question."

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars took former Florida State standouts Jalen Ramsey, Telvin Smith, and Rashad Greene to Tallahassee on Saturday as part of the Tallahassee Takeover -- a way to build fandom outside of Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.

Afterwards, the Tallahassee media asked Jalen Ramsey about the knee injury he sustained shortly after rookie mini-camp in May.

"What injury? Next question," he responded quickly after the first question.

"I’m 100 percent. Next question," he said even more quickly after the second question.

And then Jalen had to get some things off his chest. (Credit to Safid Deen of the Tallahassee-Democrat for capturing it.)

"I’m not answering any questions about my injury because I’m 100 percent healthy right now, and I’m ready to go in training camp," Ramsey said. "I mean, it would be great if y'all asked me about being back in Tallahassee, being back at Florida State, the best school in the country, being back with Telvin and Rashad ... But I'm not gonna sit up here and talk to y'all about my injury because it's a non-factor now."

For the media's part, they're legitimate questions. Jalen is a Florida State star who went highly in the draft and it's the second year in a row a Jaguars' first-round pick has injured themselves before training camp. But looking at it from Jalen's point of view, he's probably very, very tired of telling people over the last month, "I'm 100 percent."

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