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What anonymous scouts said about Jaguars' Jalen Ramsey before the draft

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Last week we took a look at what some anonymous NFL scouts and front office personnel said about Jacksonville Jaguars 2016 NFL Draft pick Myles Jack. I picked Myles Jack first because I figured there would be some good nuggets given his pre-existing injury, but I found the ones about Jalen Ramsey a little more interesting.

Ramsey was considered a top-five pick through the process of the NFL Draft leading up and he ended up falling in the Jaguars lap with the fifth overall pick. Here are some anonymous scouts' tidbits from Bob McGinn of

Two scouts said he was one of the best defensive back prospects of the last few years.

"He's the best defensive back I've seen since [Patrick] Peterson," said one. "Complete player. Only thing I didn't like is he gets a lot of safety help. You didn't see him isolated much."

Others were sure he could be a great safety. Cornerback? Not so much.

"As a safety he can be all-world – like right now," a second scout said. "He's not ready-made like that as a corner but he's got potential to be all-world there, too. He's a press-man corner. Using his length. There are some flaws when he's in off [coverage]."

"Charles [Woodson] was a ball magnet," said a third scout. "Ramsey has had very little contact with the ball. People say, 'Well, they stayed away from him.' To me, you either have that or you don't know. With his length (33 3/8-inch arms) and speed he can definitely play outside. As a slot corner against really quality cat-quick receivers, I don't know. As a safety he's a wrap, drag-down tackler, not a bona fide big-time striker."

And for another, Jalen's lack of interceptions was a red flag.

"Look at his career interceptions," a fourth scout said. "I can count 'em on one hand. Apparently he doesn't have eyes or feel or vision. I think he's fool's gold."

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